Quiz - Cloud Servers Part 1

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Question 1: A zone is a specific geographical location where you can run your resources. Each zone has one or more regions.


Question 2: Virtual machines and persistent disks must be in the same zone but a static IP addresses must be in the same region.


Question 3: In what state is us-west1 region?


Question 4: The 'n1-standard-2' machine type has how many vCPUs and how much memory?

2 vCPU and 7.5 GB memory

Question 5: Google Cloud artificially caps VM instance inbound or ingress network traffic.


Question 6: Two virtual machines in the same project can have the same name as long as they are in different regions.


Question 7: Select the following resources that are "per-zone resources" or "zone specific".

A virtual machine (VM) instance Persistent disks Machine types

Question 8: IP Addresses can be configured as either a Regional or Global resource


Question 9: Which machine type would you choose for balanced price/performance across a wide range of VM shapes?

N1, N2

Question 10: As long as an instance (VM) is shutdown (powered off) it will never incur costs.