Unit 1 Reviewing the Basic Quiz

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1. What is IDLE used to do?

Run Python programs
Save Python programs to files
Edit Python programs
All of the above

2. Which of the following outputs data in a Python program?

The input statement
The assignment statement
The print statement
The main function

3. What is the purpose of the CPU?

Receive inputs from the human user
Decode and execute instructions
Send output to the human user
Store information

4. Which of the following translates and executes instructions in a programming language?

An interpreter
A loader
A text editor
A compiler

5. Which of the following are input devices?

A mouse

6. What is the set of rules for forming sentences in a language called?


7. Which of the following are general-purpose computing devices?

A cell phone
A programmable thermostat
A laptop computer
A portable music player

8. Which of the following contain information?

A running computer
A refrigerator
An audio CD
A book
My grandmother's china cabinet

9. Which of the following are output devices?

A flatbed scanner
A digital camera
A keyboard
A monitor

10. Which of the following are examples of algorithms?

Spell Checker for word processor
A set of instructions for putting together a utility shed
A dictionary
A recipe