Quiz - Cloud Servers Part 2

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Question 1: What are benefits / features of Google Cloud Marketplace?

Google updates the images for these software packages to fix critical issues and vulnerabilities
GC Marketplace makes it easy to start up a familiar software package without having to manually configure the instance

Question 2: An instance template is a global resource that is not bound to a zone or a region.


Question 3: GPUs are not supported on shared-core or memory-optimized machine types


Question 4: The maximum CPU and memory that is available for any GPU type is dependent on the zone in which the GPU resource is running.


Question 5: What is the maximum network bandwidth for a VM instance that has a single T4 GPU core, 24 vCPUs and 156GB of memory?

32 Gbps

Question 6: GPUs require device drivers in order to function properly.


Question 7: GCloud allows you to easily update an existing instance template or change an instance template after it has been created.