Unit 10 Reviewing the Basic Quiz

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  1. The data that are transmitted between client and server are
    • Answer: strings
  2. The object that effects a connection between an individual client and a server is a(n)
    • Answer: socket
  3. A lock on a resource is provided by an instance of the
    • Answer: condition class
  4. The object that allows several clients to access a server on a host computer is a(n)
    • Answer: port
  5. The method that executes a thread's code is called
    • Answer: the run method
  6. If multiple threads share data, they can have
    • synchronization problems
  7. The object that uniquely identifies a host computer on a network is a(n)
    • Answer: IP address
  8. The best way for a server to handle requests from multiple clients is to
    • Answer: create a separate client-handler thread for each client
  9. A Thread object moves to the ready queue when
    • Answer: its start method is called
  10. Multiple threads can run on the same desktop computer by means of
    • Answer: multiprocessing